Jr Developer.

I'm creative, strategist and coder.
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Digital Design
to UI/UX

Bringing a decade of digital design to UI/UX & Development.
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How we'll build together

Together we will craft responsive experiences that connect business goals with our user needs 🎯. We will leave no stone unturned, aligning purpose with action.

With curiosity and passion we'll expand our design thinking 💭 combining our analytical and creative 🧠 reasoning to resolve challenges.

We'll also grow strong relationships and memorable products with the people 😊 and clients we work with, learning from each other along the way.

It going to be delicious.🤤

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My Nutshell.

Originally from Africa, I grew up influenced by my engineer father. You would often find me building something outside from mud or breaking my dads tools in the garage - I promise he didn't mind 🤫.

As I grew, that 'try and break' approach forged an unwavering curiosity. Anything I could take apart or find an 'exploded diagram' for was motivation for my undeveloped mind. Be it still undeveloped, I've learnt a bit more since then.

My curiosity has taken me through 2 decades of exploring tech and design both professionally and playfessionaly.

I look forward to breaking & building together.

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See my journey abd UX process and my design history.
(have a jounety map people can inteact with in figma. like a stoy line they can follow which show your backgrouend and skills and current skills at the same time.

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