UI. UX. Digital.

Hello, I'm Rob. I'm a UI/UX designer.

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From Digital to UI/UX

After a decade of design, I shifted
to UI/UX from Digital Design.
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Selected studies

SsangYong Australia

Hydrogen Monitoring App

Re-use Eccomerce Platform

How I design with folks like you.

Colab is tasty.

Together we will craft responsive web and mobile experiences that connect business goals with user needs 🎯. We will leave no stone unturned, aligning purpose with action.

Our curiosity and passion will drive us to develop a toolbox that we can use to foster our aesthetic eye πŸ‘οΈ, to expand our design thinking πŸ’­ and combine our analytical and creative 🧠 reasoning to resolve challenges.

We'll also grow strong relationships with the people 😊 and clients we work with, learning from each other while building memorable products.‍
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Hi! Here's my Nutshell.

Originally South African, I grew up influenced by my engineer father. You would often find me building something outside from mud or breaking my dads tools in the garage - he didn't mind (he definitely did).

As I grew, that 'try and break' approach forged an unwavering curiosity. Anything I could take apart or find an 'exploded diagram' for was crack for my undeveloped mind. Be it still undeveloped, I've learnt a bit more since then.

My curiosity has taken me through 2 decades of exploring tech and design both professionally and playfessionaly and it's now time for the next chapter, the UX & strategy phase. IΒ can't friken wait.

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Click my log

See my journey abd UX process and my design history.
(have a jounety map people can inteact with in figma. like a stoy line they can follow which show your backgrouend and skills and current skills at the same time.

with me

Feel free to reach out.
Seriously, I'm always happy to meet new folk.