Hi! I'm Rob Cot, a creative lead & digital designer based in Melbourne, Australia. It's been almost a decade since my first role as a graphic designer and I've enjoyed reshaping alongside an evolving creative industry - It's been a hoot.
I've collaborated with some stellar folks over this time, which has given me invaluable experience and exposure to a wide mixture of people, skills, and challenges.

Some career highlights: I made a scientifically accurate 3d visualisation of a
bacteriophage and had a very cheeky encounter where a monkey stole my camera during a shoot in Ubud, and then almost took a photo with it!
What I do

I lead digital experiences, driving the creative process
as a transdisciplinary creative. I facilitate dialogue between
stakeholders and creative and I will work closely with you or your teams.

I am also available as a multidisciplinary digital designer with a wide range of skills, able to conceptualise and support digital experiences or products. I'm a firm believer in getting you or your organisation jazzed about what you do, feeling confident to show it off and telling stories that sincerely speak for you.

Contact me today.