Portable Cooking Classroom

Each student has their own bench


"We need a modern, up to date movable cooking classroom for school students to learn commercial hospitality."
My Input
Interior Design
Arch Viz
Project Management
Moritz Menz for  a brilliant and simple building frame design that easily bolts together to form any-size interior.

"becoming familiar with the kitchen inspired me to come more independent, and provide for myself at home and when I leave home." Link - Pg 6
Mikayla, Year 9. Caulfield Garmmar, Wheelers Hill.
Demo/teaching station
Building took 6 hours to install
Cafe (attached to classroom)
Commercial washing stations
Modules were craned into place
Building concept visual
Cafe concept visual
'Module 8' staged for transport
Staging modules onsite
Just after all 9 modules were connected